Joel Layman: the first L

Husband, Father, and Farmer. Born into a family that farmed for many generations, and continues the passion for farming. Continuously stating his children are the most important crop he will ever raise.

“I feel blessed to work with animals and fields everyday” -Joel Layman

Heidi Layman: the second L

Wife, Mother, and Doctor. The heart that holds together the family. Also born into a family of farming, and from a young age participated in cattle and sheep showing.

Andrew Layman: the third L

Oldest son, Brother, and Student. Continuing to walk in his father’s footsteps aspiring to one day carry on the legacy of the slowly dying passion of farming. At a young age earning his fare share of wages, and understanding the value of a dollar.

Allison Layman: the fourth L

Daughter, Sister, and Student. A love for farming began with the perfect combination of baby animals and enjoyable weather. Inspired by the symphony of nature she continues her love of beauty through filling rooms and ears with the sound of her violin and stories of American History.

Matthew Layman: the fifth L

Youngest sibling, Brother, and Student. Naturally looking up to his brother for guidance and leadership, his gift and love for building sets him apart from others his age. It is truly astonishing to watch him create his vision, and turn it into a reality.