Our Story

Since 1837 the Layman family has tended to both cattle and crop, making agriculture an innate instinct and tradition for any Layman. Watching the 8th generation Andrew Layman already peaking interest in his fathers agricultural footsteps at the young age of 12. Joel Layman, such as many other Laymans a generation before, now holds the proud responsibility of passing over the Layman farming secrets.

Who We Are

A family owned farm. Each L representing a different Layman family member...

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Our Land

Our grazing crop is planted on certified organic soil, these pastures are never chemically sprayed or fertilized and features a variety of grasses which include brome grass, orchard grass, fescue and alfalfa...

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Our Cattle

Unlike other farms, 5 ELS use no antibiotics, no hormones and no growth implants. Our cattle are raised on grass pastures as it would be in nature. On the 5 ELS farm all cattle live their lives from start to finish in open green pastures...

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